Welcome to my cooking!

I like food. Who doesn’t really? I mean, if you don’t like food, then you probably shouldn’t be eating. I’m not sure we can survive without eating, so it’s actually not an option. Food is a necessity.

Even though you prefer to eat out, at one point in your lifetime you’ll have to prepare something for yourself or your family. I like food, and I love preparing delicious meals for myself and family.

I will be sharing with you some amazing recipes I’ve learnt over the years from various sources. When I was a little girl my mum went to a catering school, some of these recipes are from her. I also learnt a lot from my darling friend Paedi Hunohashi (of blessed memory) who was a great cook while we were in school. Also, during my years studying abroad, I’ve discovered amazing meals. And some others are just concoctions that turned out beautiful!

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts on cooking. Above all, I hope you’ll have as much fun cooking.


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