Tips to have a clean house with children.

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So, another weekend is here. Time to get some personal things sorted out, visit loved ones, or stay at home and relax. If you have a family, your children may also be at home. Sometimes it’s a challenge keeping the house clean with children around, especially if they are still little. I struggle with this too, but there are certain things I do to make things easier for me. I want to share this with you because it may help, or you can share it with others if you don’t have any children. Here are some tips to help with having a clean house even with children around:

De-clutter; this is something I am just recently learning how to do. I have the tendency to keep stuffs that I don’t need. It could be piles of clothes that are no longer my size, but I hold on to them and tell myself “I will lose weight someday…..” Sometimes its furniture that are not relevant to the house, and most times it’s used cans and tins that I feel should be recycled and used for DIY projects. Yes, I have lots of clutter. But I’m learning that getting rid of these things can help my home stay clean. When my daughter started crawling, she would just happily dig into piles of things all over the house and “re-arrange” them. Then I would spend hours putting everything back in place, and that was frustrating, so I just decided to get rid of some things. However if you still feel strongly about your clutter and don’t want to get rid of them, then these other tips may be helpful.

Place items out of reach; try as much as possible to place things away where your children won’t have access to them. This can easily be achieved by having a well organized home. For example, I place all items that I want to recycle in a box and keep it up on a shelve or in a drawer.  I have learned that if you don’t want a child to play with something, just keep it away, because that child when definitely go for it when you’re not looking.

Have a play area; in a creative way, carve out a corner of the house where your children know they are allowed to play. You can also give a whole room if you have a bigger home. Toys, stuffed animals, or whatever gets in there. Then let them know that it’s their own space, and they are permitted to play as much as they want in there.

Keep busy; if you want your children in the living room or other room aside from the play room, then you better keep them busy. Keeping children busy with different age appropriate activities helps reduce the time they have to scatter the house. However, this depends on the kind of activity, so you may want to carefully consider that. If you don’t have any issue with your children watching TV, then let them watch educative cartoons or any choice program.

Clean after self;  for older children, you can have them clean the area where they have messed up. I like this one, because I feel it teaches the child a sense of responsibility, teaching them that there will be consequences for our actions. So, if I clean and you choose to mess up the place, then you have to take responsibility for that and clean.

These are just a few tips that have worked for me. Now, let me know what has worked for you. Do you like me do any of these, or you have your own methods? Kindly leave me a comment, I’ll like to know what other mothers are doing. Don’t forget to have fun, allow your children have fun too.

Enjoy your weekend, and have a blessed week ahead. God bless you, cheers!

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