Tips for a Successful School Morning

Successful School Morning Routine

Happy New Year! Thank God for keeping us all to see this wonderful year 2020, I pray that this year be filled with fruitfulness and blessings for everyone. Today, I want to share with you some tips that have helped me achieve a successful school morning.

 I had a great time with family during this holiday period. Christmas was fun, however, anything that has a beginning has an end, the holiday is finally over and school resumes. If you’ve been reading my posts, you’ll already know by now that I’m not one of those mothers that gets excited about school resumption; waking up early, and school runs wahala just has a way of wearing one out. However, over time I’ve adopted and learnt a few things that have so far made school mornings easier to deal with.

In my opinion, as a mother I have a successful school morning when I’m able to; wake up early to enjoy some “me time”, then get everyone out of the house with smiles on their faces and food in their lunchboxes. Here are some of my tips;


Plan ahead for a successful school morning

Having a plan for how you want to get everyone and everything ready helps a get deal. For instance how do you plan on getting school lunch ready? I usually plan for the week’s school lunch on the weekend before (click here to get one week food plan). Another great way to plan ahead is to prepare the night before; get all uniforms ready, school bags packed, and meals cooked halfway before going to bed. You can also try to get all homework done almost immediately after school.  

So, I’m not even going to claim I get all these done every single day. There are days that I don’t plan ahead and I wake up running around the house like a headless chicken looking for things,  and rushing everyone to get out of the house. The point here is that I try my best most of the time. I’m certainly not trying to be a perfect mum; all I want is for everyone to have a great day and to sustain a happy home.


Daily routine

 This is very simple; follow the same pattern of events and activities every day. In other words, wake up at a particular time, and get all activities done in the same pattern every day.  It may be boring doing the same thing daily, but trust me it helps both you and the children stay organized.

I have created a morning routine that we attempt to follow through every day to have a successful school morning. Create yours putting into consideration the amount of time available, number and needs of children, mode of transportation (school bus or driving) etc. In other words, do want is convenient for you and other members of the family. For my morning routine; I wake up early to do devotion and plan the day, I’ve also recently decided to start exercising for few minutes before I set out to prepare and get everyone else ready.


Extra school supplies

 This is a no brainer actually. Get extra sets of uniforms, socks, underwear, lunchboxes, and any other item the family needs. This comes in handy when something comes up unexpectedly, or on days when for whatever reason you do not plan ahead. I make sure we have enough socks to last us a week, so in case I don’t get to do laundry that week, we can still get to school well dressed. We also have few lunchboxes just in case something happens to the ones we use.

When Debbie first started school, she had only one lunchbox, one day she came back home and the cover was broken. By the time I discovered it was too late to get another one. The following day, I wasn’t happy that she went to school with a broken lunchbox, and since then I’ve become a hoarder of lunchboxes (story for another day). Always have extra supplies,  you never can tell what will happen.   


Early to bed, early to rise

I can’t even begin to explain how important it is to go to bed early and have enough sleep. Make sure the children, and you too get enough sleep. The advantages of having a good night sleep include emotional stability, increased mental and physical health among others. An average adult needs about 7 to 9 hours of sleep, teenagers should get about 8 to 12 hours, and younger children about 9 to 14 hours.  

I always wake up grumpy whenever I don’t get enough sleep, and I’ve discovered that my mood affects hubby and the children. On such days; I will yell for no reason, rush everyone, forget to get things done, and drive around like a crazy woman because I’m rushing for school drop off. Truth is, I’m a total mess if I don’t get enough sleep, and sleep helps me remain calm and organized. 


Organized home

Create a spot for every item. Keep the uniforms at a particular place; arrange lunchboxes in a particular kitchen drawer. Most importantly, keep your car keys at a particular place. It is so frustrating when you spend valuable time looking for that car key every single morning. If you have older children, it’ll be easier for them to get ready when they know where to find things. Teach your teenagers how to also stay organized, it makes things easier and saves time


Get help for a successful school morning

If you can’t do any of these things alone, there is no harm in getting help. Abi you wan kee urself?! Get someone reliable to help you, ask hubby to help if he is available. In addition, you can also involve the children in doing some age appropriate chores, they can help to pack their bags but make sure to supervise. Take advantage of whatever form of help you can get to make life easier. Above all, if you truly know there’s too much house chores or any domestic activity to deal with, get some help and take time to relax and focus on other important matters.  See my back to school checklist, it may be helpful.        


 So, that’s it! To sum up; plan ahead, maintain a daily routine, buy extra school supplies, have enough sleep, keep an organized home, and above all get help if necessary. Hope you found these tips for a successful school morning helpful? What tips have you tried that has worked for you so far? Kindly leave me a comment below; I’ll love to know what other parents are doing too. Also, don’t forget to subscribe now for free, if you haven’t done that already, to get notifications of new posts.

Have a wonderful year, a blessed month, a fruitful week, and amazing day. God bless you, cheers!

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