Ten Easy DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello everyone! Christmas is exactly a week from today! So, if you’re still wondering what Christmas gift to present to loved ones, I’ve got good news, here are ten easy Do It Yourself (DIY) projects you can work on.

(click on the name of each gift idea to see the full tutorial)

Neck tie; you won’t believe how easy it is to make a neck tie, in just few steps you can make that special male in your life happy.

Table runner; a beautiful table runner beautifies the house, and takes food presentation to a whole new level. You don’t have to spend so much to get a good table runner, make your choice of fabric and sew yours today. This could be a great gift to a family this season, or you could even use it for your home.

Hanging kitchen towel; I first made a hanging kitchen towel when my daughter started learning how to walk, and kept dragging our kitchen towel on the floor. I sewed another fabric to the towel, attached a button and my towel stayed in place on the gas cooker handle. Make this today for a mother, and I’m sure she’ll love it.

Fabric book cover; there are countless reasons why you’ll love to own and gift out a book cover. To beautify a boring book cover, to protect a book from tearing, show off your sewing skills etc. Whatever your reasons, this tutorial shows in few steps how you can simply make a book cover, using any fabric of your choice.

Personalized name sticker; a name sticker could be the perfect gift for a toddler. I love to personalize most of my daughter’s items with name stickers, and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only mum who loves this. Find out what that darling toddler loves, go buy it, and attach a bag of personalized name stickers to it. You may just become someone’s favorite aunty or uncle.

Headbands; another toddler gift, specifically for girls is a headband. I believe a girl can never have enough of them, so I’m always making more for my daughter. Make headbands from scrap fabrics, old t-shirts, or any fabric. You can make a dozen headbands in different designs, package them properly and surprise that cute girl this Christmas.

Bookmark; this is another gift for book lovers. I have a tutorial on three different ways to make your own bookmark. Get creative, and show how much you love that book lover in your life.  

Eye mask; if you know anyone that loves to sleep without any light, then this is the perfect gift. This eye mask can be for everyday use or for traveling.

Neck pillow; another good travel Christmas gift is a neck pillow. If you or any loved one is traveling on a long road trip this season, you can make this neck pillow to reduce neck pain. Neck pillows can be a bit expensive, so help someone save money!

Fabric wallet; this fabric wallet can be used to hold and protect your passport when traveling, another great gift idea. I made eye mask, neck pillow, and fabric wallet set for sale this festive season, you can make yours for free as a gift to close friends and family who are traveling.


So, there you have it, ten easy DIY Christmas gift ideas.  These are some of the projects that I’ve enjoyed working on this year. I hope you have fun working too, and hopefully, fingers crossed, your friends and family will love them too. Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for free by simply typing your email address, and you’ll receive notification on more DIY projects as well as cooking tips and other interesting topics. Have a fantastic time this season, Merry Christmas!



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