How to make your own Pyjama Trouser

Pyjama Trouser

Hello everyone! I want to share with you in a short and simple tutorial how to make your own pyjama trouser. Pyjamas are basically just sleep wears, or anything we wear to go to bed. However, we love staying at home in our pyjamas, simply because the ones we have are so comfortable. Now that the kids and I are mostly at home, with this Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, instead of spending money to buy more, I just decided to make new ones for us.

I shared a tutorial some months ago on how to make a two piece pyjama set. So, this time I will only show how to make the trouser or bottom that we pair with t-shirts to stay at home. No pattern is needed, simply trace out a pyjama trouser you already have and sew. Even if you don’t own a pyjama, you can still follow the steps and trace out a pair of leggings, but then remember to add about 3 inches extra to the sides just to make the finished product loose and free. So, let’s get right into it.

Materials for making pyjamas

  • One yard fabric (more or less depending on your size)
  • Pyjama bottom or trouser
  • Elastic band
  • Scissors
  • Tailor’s chalk
  • Matching threads, and
  • Sewing machine

Steps for making pyjama trouser

1.Fold fabric in half, and place pyjama trouser on top.

Place pyjama trouser on fabric

2. Trace out the pyjamas using a tailor’s chalk; add 1 inch at the waistline to fit in the elastic, and add another 1 inch each at the sides and bottom for sewing allowance. Now cut out fabric following the mark you made with the chalk.

Cut one piece for pyjama trouser

3. Repeat step 1 and 2, you should now have two separate pieces.

4. Fold fabric with right sides facing, and sew on the wrong side. Sew from the crotch area, all the way to the bottom. Do this for both pieces. (Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end of every stitch).

Cut out two pieces

5. Turn the first piece right side out, the second piece should still remain with wrong sides facing. Now take the first piece and put inside the second piece. The right side of both pieces should be facing each other. Make sure the crotch area of both pieces match perfectly.

pin crotch area in place

6. Sew both pieces together; starting from one side of the waistline to the crotch area and back to the other side of the waistline.

7.Turn the pyjama right side out. After that, fold in 1 inch at the waistline, and sew round leaving out about 2 inches to fit in the elastic.

sew crotch area

8. Cut elastic band minus 2 inches of waist measurement. (For example, if waist is 20 inches, cut out 18 inches of the elastic band).  

9. Put a safety pin on the edge of elastic and fit it through the opening (like in the pyjama short tutorial). Pull the elastic from one side of the opening to the other, then check to make sure elastic is not twisted in the casing, and stitch both ends of the elastic in place. Sew and close the opening you left for the elastic.

Fit in the elastic

10. Hem the bottom of the trouser .

In conclusion…

Your pyjama trouser is now ready to wear! That’s how easy it is to make a pyjama trouser! So, go ahead and pair this trouser with an old t-shirt. You can make this within few minutes, plus you get to save money too. Hope this tutorial was helpful? Kindly let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, or share any ideas with me. Finally, thank you for reading till the end, in my next post I intend to share another sewing project.

Have wonderful day, and stay safe. God bless you!

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