How to make necktie for men.

Hello everyone! Welcome to a new month, February 2018! Today I will be sharing with you how to make a necktie.

A necktie complements formal dressing. It is one of the few fashion choices for men, and it’s apt for a man to have them in various designs and sizes. Ties come in different sizes, shapes and colors; bow tie, bolo tie, clip-on tie, skinny tie etc. The first time I made a necktie was when my husband told me how much it cost to buy a necktie. I couldn’t believe it. Why so expensive? I was truly bothered, so I decided to make him one and it turned out very nice. You can do it too. You can make a tie and give it to that special man in your life. With Saint Valentine’s day just around the corner, this could be the perfect gift for the man you love.

Making a necktie is not as hard as you may have thought. It is basically like one piece of long bias tape. When you have a pattern, and your choice of fabric, everything comes together easily. To get a pattern, you can deconstruct any tie available and copy it onto a paper. Your pattern should be two pieces for the back and front.

For this tutorial you’ll need;

  • 1 yard fabric for outer piece
  • 1 yard complementing fabric for inner piece
  • Fabric marker/ highlighter
  • Pattern paper (I used old newspaper)
  • Scissors (one for paper, another for fabric)



  1. Line both inner and outer fabrics together.
  2. Place pattern on fabric. The pattern should be placed on 45 degree angle of the fabric, this makes the tie lie nicely on the neck (my pattern is drawn on an old newspaper). Pattern2Pattern1
  3. Trace it out and cut fabric. You should end up with four pieces, front and back pieces for both outer and inner pieces.Necktie front pieceNecktie back pieces
  4. Sew back and front piece together, by laying both fabric pieces on the diagonal. (Let’s assume that the pointed edges on the left side of this picture above is A, and the other edge on the right is B. You should be joining the two pieces at point B. Make sense?!). Repeat same step for inner piece. Sew diagonal edges
  5. Clip out corners and press seams open. You should now end up with a long piece of fabric.
  6. Match outer and inner piece together, right sides facing.
  7. Sew pointed ends. Do this slowly so that the point looks precise
  8. Trim seams to reduce bulk when turned out, not so close though so you don’t have to sew again.Clip sewn cornersIron out pointed edge
  9. Fold tie in half lengthwise. Fold another piece of fabric about half an inch like a loop.Pin right sides together
  10. Insert loop about 6 inches from edge of folded fabric. Make sure the loop is shorter than width of tie. Sew everything together.
  11. Turn the tie right side out and iron in place.
  12. Iron loop flat and tack in place with needle and thread.Handsaw the loop and ironNecktie final

See how easy that was?  Try making a necktie for that special someone today. Don’t forget to kindly subscribe now to this blog for more easy DIY tutorials. Have a blessed day, cheers!

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