Downton Abbey (British Television series).

Downton Abbey Lessons

Downton Abbey is thus far my favorite British television series.  The series started in 2011 and the last episode was aired since 2015, but I just recently started watching and  from the very beginning I got hooked. One of the intriguing things about the series is that it started and ended; when a great series gets canceled halfway for whatever reasons, it is really frustrating. In fact it ended on such a happy note that I got emotional about it being over. Another interesting I watched and wrote a review on is, Prison break (click here to read).

This exciting series, Downton Abbey is basically about the upstairs life of an aristocratic English family (the Crawley family) and the downstairs life of the staff that serve them. Downton Abbey also depicts different events that occur in the lives of members of this family, as well as how they relate with others, particularly their servants. Today, I want to share with three important lessons I got from watching Downton Abbey.


Stay calm!

Lady Cora Crawley (acted by Elizabeth McGovern) is definitely my best character. From her behaviour throughout the series, I have learned true calmness. In all situations, Lady Cora is seen as being very calm and well behaved. Eventhough she became reserved and unforgiving towards her husband when they lost one of their daughters, she later put everything behind her and became her calm self again. You really need to watch Downton Abbey to understand how much I love this character. I am now reminded to stay calm and collected in all situations.

Some people are not nice; deal with that!

I believe it does no good to hate anyone; be nice. Members of the Crawley family are really nice to their servants; they help them whenever they have the opportunity with cash or acts of kindness and that is really laudable. However, it is also imperative to know that some people are not just nice. One good turn doesn’t always deserve another, live with that!

A proper word for this is “evil” some people are just evil. One of the characters in the series Thomas Barrow (played by Rob James-Collier) is constantly seen exhibiting all manner of bad behavior even when others are nice to him. Mr. Barrow is  just a complicated fellow; an outsider, gay, evil, selfish, and never minds his business. Then he is  also disturbed, because once he is seen crying because all the servants resented him and his employees wanted him out of the house. Watching Mr. Barrow  reminds me that people have their complicated lives, don’t expect anyone to be nice. Live a life without expectation from anyone; if they are nice to you, that’s great and if not, life moves on. Like Bob Marley rightly said “the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for”.

It’s never too late.

It’s never too late to achieve your goals. No matter how old you are, you can still work towards achieving and fulfilling your goals. Really, age is just a number! Joseph Molesley (acted by Kevin Doyle) is the butler at the Crawley house, he lost his job at one time and went back to live with his aged father. It was almost as if nothing was working for him but just before the series ended, he became a  teacher in the village school when he was over forty years, something he had always dreamt about. There is also the case of Mr Spratt (acted by Jeremy Swift) a butler who later became a journalist. Truly, we can achieve anything when we put our minds to it.

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