DIY Two Piece Pyjamas Set

Hello everyone! Hope we are all doing great? Today, I want to share how I made this two piece pyjamas set.

If you already own a two piece pyjamas set, just trace it onto fabric and sew together. If not, simply trace out any sleeveless top and shorts that fits perfectly. It’s that easy! Continue reading to see how I made mine.

Materials for two piece pyjamas set

  • 1 to 2 yards of fabric
  • Two piece pyjamas set
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine
  • Bias tape (optional)


Pyjamas Top

Trace out the top, two pieces for front and one for the back. (The original pyjamas set I had didn’t have lining but I wanted to add to this one, the second front piece serves as a lining. This should be shorter, measure about 4 inches down from the neck).

Trace out pyjamas top

Trace out back of pyjama top

Cut out two long strips of fabric, about 2 inches wide. Fold into half with right sides facing and sew down with a straight stitch. Now use a bobbin pin to turn this strip right side out and iron in place.

Place front piece down with right side facing up, pin the strip, and place the lining piece right side facing down on top of the strip.  Sew along the neck and armhole

Place strip on front piece

Place lining on strip

Hem top of the back piece, then place it under the lining piece. Make sure the back piece sits exactly at the front piece armhole. Now sew the sides, and turn right sides out.

Sew sides of pyjama top

Measure how long you want your strip to be, place strip on back piece and sew in place (I decided to sew this strip with needle and thread, because I didn’t want the threads to be visible)

Pyjamas top

Hem the pyjamas top, and pair this with shorts.


Pyjamas Shorts

Trace and cut out front and back of shorts. After cutting out, you should have four pieces; two pieces for front and two pieces for back of shorts. ( I added about 2 inches to the waist when tracing, because I wanted the short to gather at the waist after sewing the elastic)

Trace out front and back of short

Join front pieces right sides together and sew at the middle. Repeat for back pieces, you should now end up with two pieces instead of four.

Place both pieces right sides together, and sew along the sides and bottom (I finished the edges with bias tape to avoid fraying, but this is optional).

Sew middle, sides, and bottom of short

Fold and sew top of shorts, leave about 2 inches open. Make sure the space is bigger than the elastic for a perfect fit.

Measure your waist, minus 3 inches from measurement and mark that on elastic. For example; if your waist is 30 inches, mark 27 inches on the elastic.

Attach elastic to pyjama shorts

Push elastic into the space sewn from the 2 inches opening. Before cutting out the elastic, wear the short and make sure it fits perfectly.

Cut out elastic, sew close the opening, and the shorts is ready to wear!

Pyjamas shorts



I had so much fun working on this pyjamas set, and it fits perfectly. The best part is, hubby absolutely loves it! Make yours today, you can thank me later for sharing this amazing tutorial. Share this on other social media platforms, with your friends and loved ones too. Finally, remember to subscribe to this blog for more amazing things to come. Leave me a comment below, I’ll be glad to read from you.

Have a wonderful week, enjoy this season of love, and God bless you!



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