DIY fabric passport wallet (travel essentials)

Fabric passport wallet

Hello everyone! Welcome to this month, November 2018 and of course, welcome to my blog. I announced on Instagram that this month I’ll be sharing some DIY on travel essentials. And today, I’m showing you how I made this cute fabric passport wallet.

Since it’s the end of the year and most people will be traveling around this time, especially in December, I decided to share some cool DIY projects you can work on in preparation for all your journeys. I will definitely be traveling this year, and while I’m proud to be a Nigerian and don’t mind other people seeing my passport, I constantly worry that it may get old in time and even tear, that is why I always have a cover for my passport.

This fabric passport wallet, like most of the projects I share on this blog, is very easy to make. What’s even more interesting is that you can choose any fabric, I added interfacing to mine but this is totally optional especially if your choice of fabric is sturdy enough. It has lots of pockets; every family member will have space for their passports as well.

If you’ve seen most of my projects, you’ll already know by now that I don’t have steady hands when it comes to cutting fabrics (need to buy a rotary cuter). So, even if you’re like me or worse, or a beginner in sewing, trust me your passport wallet will turn out beautiful.


Materials you’ll need for fabric passport wallet

  • ½ yard fabric
  • Interfacing (what we call ‘stay’ here in Nigeria)
  • Scissors
  • Marker or pencil
  • Measuring tape (or ruler)
  • Sewing machine


Steps for making a fabric passport wallet

1. Cut out fabric;

  • 2 pieces of 9.5inches by 10.5inches (for inner and outer piece, cut interfacing the same measurement)
  • 3 pieces of 8.5inches by 9.5inches (for pockets)

Cut out fabric

2. Iron on interfacing to both the inner and outer pieces

3. Fold all 3 pieces in half, with the 9.5inches edges touching and top stitch.

Fold fabric in half

4. Mark 2inches on the inner piece, place one of the folded piece and sew (the open edges should be placed away from you, as in the picture below)Sew first pocket

5. Mark another 2inches from first piece, and sew the second piece

Sew second pocket

6. Iron the two sewn pieces facing up

Iron pockets facing up

7. Sew third piece at the bottom with both raw edges touching.

Sew third pocket

8. Place outer piece right sides facing and sew around, leave about 2inches opening (just like when you’re sewing a pencil case)

9. Clip corners, this will make the corners pointy on the right side

Clip corners of fabric passport wallet

10. Turn the wallet right side out, using the 2 inch opening and top stitch. Measure the middle; sew a straight stitch, sew about a quarter inch to the left and right, you’ll now have three straight stitches.

Fabric passport wallet

Fabric passport wallet

Your fabric passport wallet is ready to use! Try making this wallet today, and let me know how it turns out. If you’re posting a picture on Instagram, remember to tag me @diaryofanigerianhousewife I’ll love to see your work.

Next week, I plan to work on a travel neck pillow. So, if you haven’t subscribes already, please do so now for free to see my next DIY project. I’m also a new cooking series where I’ll be sharing recipes on Nigerian snacks, all on this blog. You don’t wanna miss any of that!

Till I come your way again, have a wonderful day, God bless you. Cheers!

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