DIY Eye Mask

Eye Mask

Hello lovelies! Today I will be sharing this simple eye mask tutorial, as the last DIY project in the travel essential series which I started at the beginning of the month. The first travel essential was a passport wallet then I worked on a cute neck pillow.

You can use this eye or sleeping mask to have a peaceful sleep when traveling, and to block light out light from the eyes. This mask can also be used on a daily basis, especially if you don’t like being disturbed while having a good night rest.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete this project, that’s how easy it is. Like the neck pillow, you’ll need a pattern, but there are tons of pattern you can get online for free. You can download the pattern  I used and let’s get to work.

Materials needed for eye mask

  • 1/2 yard Fabric
  • Pattern
  • Scissors (paper, and fabric scissors)
  • Foam batting
  • Sewing machine


Steps for making eye mask

Step 1: Prepare all materials (I cut out two pattern pieces, then I traced about a quarter inch inside one of them and cut it out. I ended up with one pattern smaller than the other which I used to cut out my foam batting).Prepare all eye mask materials

Step 2: Cut out front and back piece (I used pieces from an old t-shirt for my back piece, because this is the side that touches the eye and I wanted a soft fabric; this Ankara fabric wasn’t as soft as I wanted).

Step 3: Cut out the foam batting, cut the foam smaller than the front and back piece so that it fits perfectly into the completed eye mask (this foam adds weight to the eye mask, and also helps to block out light from the eye. If you don’t have foam, you can use shoulder pads or the padding from an old bra). Cut out front and back pieces

Step 4: Place elastic round your head, about an inch away from the eyes and cut out.

Step 5: Arrange all the pieces together; front piece first with right side facing up, elastic in the middle, and back piece with right side facing down.

Arrange pieces together

Arrange pieces together

Step 6: Sew round all the edges, leaving out about 2 inches opening.Sew round eye mask edges

Step 7: Turn the eye mask right side out, and iron in place

Step 8: Fit in the foam batting using the opening left, and hand sew the opening close. Done!Turn eye mask right side out


There you have it, your eye mask is now ready to use. Enjoy your sleep! This brings me to the end of the travel series DIY projects. Hope you had fun working on the fabric wallet, neck pillow and now the eye mask? Leave me a comment below, share your thoughts. What are some of your what have items when traveling?Passport wallet, neck pillow, and eye mask


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