Cut long strips of bias tape from square fabric.

Long strip of bias tape

Bias tape is a long strip of fabric sewn on the edges of blankets, necklines, sleeves, and many other projects. The bias tape can be bought at affordable prices  and in different colours, but sometimes I  choose to make my own especially when I love a particular fabric and can’t find it anywhere else to buy.

Today,  I’m in the middle of making a circle top and decided to cut long strips of fabric from an Ankara fabric for my bias. This is how I usually make bias tape, however, I want to share with you a cool trick to cut continuous long strips of bias tape with a square fabric. This can be useful when you don’t have enough fabric, you can also use this method to avoid wasting fabric. with a square fabric, sew two seams and cut around the fabric to create your bias tape.

The size of the square will depend on how long you want the bias tape. I’ve found that; 8 inch square gives about 29 inches of 2 inch wide bias tape, 12 inch square about 60 inches,  14 inch square about 94 inches, and 20 inch square about 190 inches. Decide length of bias tape needed for any project,  and save lots of fabrics by cutting that out from a square.

To make continuous long strips of fabric, you’ll need;

  1. A square fabric.
  2. Highlighter/marker or tailor’s chalk
  3. Scissors
  4. Ruler
  5. Pins


  1. Cut out a square fabric (I used two 12 inch squares, and got about 60ches from each).Square fabric
  2. Mark the top and bottom on the wrong side of fabric.
  3.  Draw a diagonal line, and cut fabric along the line. (It is important to cut fabric on the diagonal or at 45 degree angle because that is what makes the tape stretchy. How the tape stretches is called the “give”).Cut diagonal line
  4. Join right sides together matching the two marks from step 2.Join right sides
  5. Sew both layers together.
  6. Iron open the seam on the back of the fabric. You should end up with a parallelogram. Cool right?!Parallelogram
  7. Draw lines that are 2inches apart on the wrong side of fabric.2inch line
  8. Join edges of fabric on the left side to the right, such that the first line from the left touches the top edge of the right side.
  9. Pin together and make sure the lines are still straight.Pin on lines
  10. Sew where you placed the pins, and iron open the seams. The lines should now form a continuous line.
  11. Cut along the lines for a continuous long strip of bias tape!

cut fabric

Long strip of bias tape


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