Tips to Cut Down on Spending

Tips on saving money

Hello everyone! Happy new month; welcome to April 2019. Today, I want to share more tips on saving money. In the first part of this post, I shared 7 tips on saving cost, in this part two I will share 5 more. These are basic factors you can incorporate into your lifestyle;

1. Plan ahead; I have learnt over time that planning has helped me to save money. Before going shopping, I plan what to buy; I have a list and try very hard not to get anything not on my list. I have a food timetable; so I know exactly what food stuff to buy, instead of buying some items and leaving them to get spoilt. Now, I’m not claiming to be perfect, far from it! Sometimes I overspend and even run out of cash, I’m only human!

2. Eat home cooked food; instead of eating out, cook something new. There are so many mouthwatering recipes on this blog and in my free cookbook (you get this cookbook as a new subscriber), Try new recipes, especially if you feel your cooking is becoming a bit monotonous. Even I love to eat out, but I’ve discovered that it’s cheaper to eat at home. Sincerely, the money for one plate of food in most restaurants here in Nigeria, is enough to feed my family for a week. So, we eat out once in a while, but most times I cook. I’m sure you also don’t want to spend all that money that should go into savings on your belly alone!

3. Recycle; recycling certain items, helps with saving money. Look around the house; there are certain things you can use over and over again, other things you can create new roles for them. For example; use diaper boxes or water cartons as storage containers, use bottles with lid to store spices (see my homemade spices), use ice cream containers as freezer bowls etc. Be careful though not to have clutters all over the house because you want to recycle. I usually have a box where I keep every item that can be recycled; makes it easy to declutter, and the house stays clean and tidy.

4. Self- grooming; it’s good to be pampered once in a while, but to be honest, you don’t have to pay huge sums of money for pedicure and manicure every month. Get a good grooming set, stay at home, and cut your nails. If you can take care of your hair, go ahead. The last time I went to a salon to get my hair done was over ten years ago, I wash and take care of my hair at home; money is saved, my hair is happy and healthy (if you’ll like to know about my hair regimen, leave me a comment below and I’ll be glad to share).  

5. Buy quality product; since I don’t go shopping often, whenever I buy things I go for quality, so they last longer. It’s better to buy one quality set of cookware (pots) that will last longer, than to buy a cheap set and you have to change them every year. Same rule applies for clothes, shoes and furniture.

So, there you have it, these are my tips for saving money. Share some of yours with me, kindly leave a comment below, I’ll love to know what you all are doing to save money.


Enjoy the month, and be the best you can!

God bless you!




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