Breakfast burrito (episode 08)

Breakfast burrito

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! Happy new month, May 2018! This is the fifth month, and I trust the year is going well thus far.  In this month of May I plan to continue with the breakfast series which I started few months ago, and today I will be sharing how to make breakfast burrito.

Breakfast burrito is also known as a breakfast wrap. It is basically made by filling a tortilla and wrapping it up. This is my favorite way of eating tortilla; which I made last week (click here to see how to make homemade flour tortilla). I must clarify though that a burrito is not the same as shawarma. While burrito is a Mexican food, shawarma is an Arabic food. Another difference is with the fillings; burrito fillings consists of cooked vegetables, meat, and sometimes cheese. Shawarma fillings is mostly raw salad vegetables with meat. Think of it kind of like how different African countries cook jollof rice in a unique way; the ingredients used are different and so is the taste.

The great thing about this homemade burrito is that you can use almost anything you like for the fillings. Usually, I would just use whatever is in the house. Whether it’s just egg and peppers, I’ve even used rice as my filling and every time the burrito tastes amazing. For this recipe, I fried eggs and mixed it with some left over meat pie filling. So, here’s how to make the breakfast burrito, or if you like, the breakfast wrap.

Ingredients for breakfast burrito

  • Tortilla (I used homemade tortilla)
  • For the filling, you’ll need; 1 green pepper and red pepper, 2 eggs, minced meat, 1 medium sized potato, medium sized carrot, onions, and salt to taste.



Make your tortilla, or take it out from the freezer if you have some leftovers. It is important to use the tortilla while it is warm and soft, if you use it cold, it may not wrap up properly.Homemade tortillas

Saute onions and peppers with about a tablespoon of cooking oil. Add salt to taste. Cook for a few minutes and add the eggs. Set this aside.Saute onions and peppers

Egg mixture for burrito

In another pan; cook minced meat, potato, carrot and salt. If this mixture is too watery, add some flour to thicken it (this is the same way you make a meat pie filling). Make sure you’re not using anything watery in your fillings.

Place your tortilla on a clean work surface. Put your fillings in the middle. Wrap, as shown in the pictures belowPut filling on tortilla

Wrap tortilla

Wrap tortilla

Serve and enjoy! You can make them in bigger sizes if you like, I love this size because it perfectly fits into a lunch box. In case there are any leftovers, wrap with a foil paper and store in the freezer. Heat it in microwave or oven whenever you are ready to eat!


That’s it! You can go now and enjoy this delicious breakfast burrito with all your loved ones. Don’t forget to subscribe now, if you haven’t done that already. Also, share this recipe with friends and as many people as possible. Next week, I’ll be back with another delicious breakfast recipe. Have a wonderful week, cheers!

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