10 Travel Etiquette Tips

Hello lovelies! Today, I want to share with you some basic travel etiquette. Etiquette simply means proper behavior, so travel etiquette are polite and proper behavior when travelling. I started a travel series this month by sharing my travel essentials (wallet passport, neck pillow, and a eye mask). To end the month, allow me to share 10 basic ways to behave properly when traveling.


I find that planning ahead keeps me relaxed when traveling; if tickets, accommodation, food and other things are all planned, I just sit back and enjoy the journey. So, before you travel; buy your ticket in time, book accommodation, and find out some vital information (culture, language, food) about your destination especially if you’re going there for the first time. Bear in mind though that things may not always work smoothly when traveling, simply because we can’t have control everything, but at least do your part.



Carefully pack everything you need for the journey, it’s best to pack days before so you don’t forget anything. Fold your clothes nicely, organize toiletries in a smaller bag, make your own fabric passport wallet and keep all passports in one place.

Mind your business

Yes, please mind your business. Don’t try to get too friendly with other travelers if it’s not necessary. It’s a journey, not a social gathering so keep your suggestions to yourself, please. Put on a friendly face, smile at others, greet and be polite, but please don’t go on asking people about their private issues or telling them yours.

Chew properly

If you must eat on transit, please chew properly with your mouth closed. Don’t litter the vehicle with food remnants. When you chew gum, please do so quietly; don’t start blowing bubbles and boosting pipelines when you chew gum. Seriously, it’s disgusting!

Pay for your seat

Have you ever traveled by road in Nigeria with some people who have so many bags but don’t want to pay for extra seat? This is so annoying! Please, if you’re traveling this way, respect yourself and purchase extra tickets so you don’t inconvenience other passengers.

Wait your turn

No rushing please, don’t try to push your way through the queue. Someone in front of you is wasting time? You still wait patiently; they came before you and deserve to be served first. To avoid any inconvenience, be in time for your boarding or check in.


Don’t recline the chair

If you’re traveling by air, please don’t recline your seat, except if it’s a very long flight and your legs are aching. Even then, check with the person behind you and make sure it’s convenient for them to recline before you do so. Be considerate and reasonable.

Don’t touch people

Keep your hands to yourself, some people find this irritating, don’t just do it please. I’ve shared a personal experience, a funny story about someone touching me in a bus on my Instagram. Head there now to read it.


No loud music

Head phones were made for a reason, please get one and use. Nobody cares about your choice of music, enjoy it alone and leave the other travelers in peace. This is just basic travel etiquette, you shouldn’t wait to be told.

Keep quiet

Use this time to meditate, plan for the future, or read a book. Don’t try to start a conversation with someone who is obviously not interested. When traveling with a close friend, talk with a quiet voice. Other passengers are not interested in your stories.

Hold your children

I love children; they are so cute and adorable. However, I hate it when I’m trying to mind my business on transit and a child keeps pulling my hair or touching my earrings. Please, parents, hold your children. Give them toys to play with or anything to keep them busy, don’t allow them sleep on people’s body, just make sure they are not being nuisances to other travelers.


Finally, bear in mind one thing; treat others the way you want to be treated. Respect others, adopt these basic travel etiquette and everyone will be happy. What are some other etiquette you know, kindly share by leaving a comment in the section below. Have you had any funny experiences travelling? Feel free to share that too.

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